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I got hired last month to work at Borders as seasonal help. Until this week, I've been getting schedules with one or two 4 hour shifts. Today I got called in to cover for someone who was sick, which added another whopping six hours to my total.

I'm wondering though...I looked on the schedule. It's a week before Christmas and they only have ONE (oh how I wish I knew how to make that bold but I'm much too tired to figure it out) cashier working, except for two hours between 7:00 and 9:00. Is this normal even for a store that isn't doing great?

It was ridiculous. The cashier who came in at 7:00 had to park several blocks away because our lot was full. I was there until 9:00 and he was the only cashier when I left. Then I go to look for the service manager who is working in the cafe, and there are two people working in there. What the hell?

Oh and while I'm at it, I love love love the icon!
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welcome to hell!!!!!

and yes, that's pretty normal. corporate isn't giving stores shit for hours this year. you're store is lucky that they were even able to hire you for seasonal help. we were told not to hire any extra help this year.
The store I work at hired a bunch of holiday help. Theres is always alot employees at the reg. too. The will have 4 or 5 people scheduled up there and then have a book seller or 2 scheduled up there durring peak hours. There has been many times already this year that all 8 regiseters are working and the "holiday" register upstairs. sucks to be you guys. sorry to hear bout the shitty scheduling.