Rachael Smith (dewaltgirl) wrote in slave4borders,
Rachael Smith

someone emailed me asking me why i made it freinds only, this was my response:

the reason i made the community friends only and closed was because i got a reply to my post about "being rude" from "someone" that had JUST set up a livejournal, had no interests, no personal information, no freinds, no freinds of, and was ONLY a member of Slave4Borders. and to top it off, their reply was basicly "if the only thing you want to do is piss off customers and try not to get caught than maybe you should find a different job" so by their reply i knew that they obviously didn't understand what it's like to actually WORK for borders. anyone that's out on the sales floor and a member of the community should understand that my post was not about hating my job or trying to screw borders over in anyway, nor was it about trying to do as much as i could to piss off customers until i got caught. my post was made out of frustration and was not serious. anyone that wasn't corporate would have understood that. so i deleted their reply, deleted them from the community and made it freinds only and closed so not just anyone could join. now people need to email me, give me information about themselves, their relationship to borders, and a link to their journal. i'm not going to let anyone that doesnt' have a real established journal in. there is NO reason for corporate to be spying on us. we're not talking about ripping off the company or unions or anything like that, we're just trying to get out frustrations. and this is something that i do in my spare time from my house. so in my mind, not only do they not have any reason to spy on us, but they also have NO FUCKING RIGHT to do it.

i think i might just post this in the community for everyone to see (including the spys). i think i'm also going to ask my manager about it, because i know that he's found this and read it and when he told me that, i was just like "oh, he must have just done a google search for borders or something and found it", but the more i think about it, the more i'm thinking that maybe corporate found it and said "hey, one of your lackey's has a online journal community and she's talking about stuff that goes on in your store, so you might want to watch it" or something like that. i think that he'd be honest with me about it. i'd suggest that anyone who has put what store they work at in here, if you're comfortable enough with your manager to ask them if corporate has said anything to them about it.

corporate doesn't understand what it's like, this community is something that I NEED so i don't snap. i'm sure you understand what i mean by that.

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