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Border's Employee's' Journal
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
12:42 am
Chocolate Café Freeze Versus Mocha Freeze
Favorite conversation of the night:

 CUSOTMER: I'll have a Mocha Freeze.
ME: Sure you don't want to try a Chocolate Café freeze? It's much better.
CUSTOMER (Flirting):  And if I don't like the Chocolate Freeze?
ME: Then you can throw it back at me, and I'll make you another drink.

Later, after trying the drink, the man returns to the counter.

CUSTOMER: I just wanted to say that this drink is as tastey as you are pretty.
 ME (Smiling): I'll get you another drink.

Current Mood: flirty
Friday, September 10th, 2004
8:32 pm
Monday, May 10th, 2004
4:39 pm
okay, the way lj does closed communities is completely different now. i guess i have to go in and open the community and than "moderate" it or something. i haven't had time to look at it or figure it out or anything, but i guess that what it is, is that you request to be in the community and than i get an email and than i say "yes" or "no". i really hate this, it was really simple the other way.

so here's how it's going to work. WHEN i have time to change the community status and get that whole thing going, i will. i have school for 4 hours mon-thurs. and i work A LOT. i don't just work at borders, i also have a job that I DON'T GET PAID FOR at all that takes up a lot of my time. i do management for an extremely tallented and locally successful band and it's a huge responsibility and i simply don't have time right now. (and on top of that i do still have a fairly active social life and like to party)

so...i'm making this post public because it's not dirrected at anyone in the community. this is dirrected to the several people who have contacted me lately about wanting to be in the communiy.

A) DO NOT COMMENT IN MY JOURNAL!!!!! DO NOT IM ME ON AIM!!!!! DO NOT DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN EMAIL ME WITH THE EXACT INFORMATION THAT I ASK FOR LISTED IN ON THE INFO PAGE!! if you do anything other than that, i'm most likely just going to respond with "EMAIL THIS TO ME!" and leave it at that.

B) when i get the community re-set up the way it needs to be, i'll email the people back who have already emailed me (sorry, this doesn't count for the people who can't read and have commented in lj to me or im'd me) and tell them that it's all set up and they just need to go to the community info page and request to be added.

C) once i have that set up, any new people that want in WILL STILL HAVE TO EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!! just requesting isn't going to get you in. you MUST EMAIL ME AS WELL!! if i find that someone has requested to join without emailing me, i'll wait a day. if i still haven't got an email, i'm going to deny the person. i'm not going to go to your journal and say "hey, you requested to join but didn't email me, will you please do that?" nope, not gonna happen. i don't have time for that. you have to prove to me that you CAN READ before i'll add you.

please, just take that extra minute to write me an email, it will make my life so much easier.
Saturday, December 27th, 2003
9:53 pm
someone emailed me asking me why i made it freinds only, this was my response:
the reason i made the community friends only and closed was because i got a reply to my post about "being rude" from "someone" that had JUST set up a livejournal, had no interests, no personal information, no freinds, no freinds of, and was ONLY a member of Slave4Borders. and to top it off, their reply was basicly "if the only thing you want to do is piss off customers and try not to get caught than maybe you should find a different job" so by their reply i knew that they obviously didn't understand what it's like to actually WORK for borders. anyone that's out on the sales floor and a member of the community should understand that my post was not about hating my job or trying to screw borders over in anyway, nor was it about trying to do as much as i could to piss off customers until i got caught. my post was made out of frustration and was not serious. anyone that wasn't corporate would have understood that. so i deleted their reply, deleted them from the community and made it freinds only and closed so not just anyone could join. now people need to email me, give me information about themselves, their relationship to borders, and a link to their journal. i'm not going to let anyone that doesnt' have a real established journal in. there is NO reason for corporate to be spying on us. we're not talking about ripping off the company or unions or anything like that, we're just trying to get out frustrations. and this is something that i do in my spare time from my house. so in my mind, not only do they not have any reason to spy on us, but they also have NO FUCKING RIGHT to do it.

i think i might just post this in the community for everyone to see (including the spys). i think i'm also going to ask my manager about it, because i know that he's found this and read it and when he told me that, i was just like "oh, he must have just done a google search for borders or something and found it", but the more i think about it, the more i'm thinking that maybe corporate found it and said "hey, one of your lackey's has a online journal community and she's talking about stuff that goes on in your store, so you might want to watch it" or something like that. i think that he'd be honest with me about it. i'd suggest that anyone who has put what store they work at in here, if you're comfortable enough with your manager to ask them if corporate has said anything to them about it.

corporate doesn't understand what it's like, this community is something that I NEED so i don't snap. i'm sure you understand what i mean by that.

Thursday, December 25th, 2003
3:34 pm
this community is now freinds only AND it's closed. if you would like to be added to the community, please email me with some info about yourself, you're relation to Borders and a link to your livejournal.

this is suppose to be fun. this isn't suppose to be serious. this isn't going to be something that corporate can spy on us with. we don't talk about stealing from the company or unionizing. this is just a place to let out some steam. half of the time the posts aren't even how we really feel, they're just made out of frustration. this has nothing at all to do with how much we like or dislike our jobs and it has nothing at all to do how well we do our jobs. this has only to do with getting out our frustrations in a halfway possitive way. it's better for us to blow up here, than to blow up at a customer at work.
Sunday, December 21st, 2003
9:51 pm

Hello everyone!  My name is Sara and I am a multimedia seller at store #194 in Rochester Hills Michigan.  I'm hoping everyone is having a relatively sane (HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA) holiday at work.  I work from 9-6 today, and I can now say that the people of Rochester Hills are the most stuck up, "i'm to rich and to powerful to look at you" kinds of people that I have ever had the unfortunate luck to encounter. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love my job, and I love the people I work with...but if I ask someone "How are you today?"  and get a stare that basically says "I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer" I will scream. 

Its the holidays!!!  Be happy!!!  Its not like we WANT to be there just for you!  Morons....



Current Mood: predatory
Thursday, December 18th, 2003
4:19 pm
i have to be at work in 40 minutes. i don't want to go! anyone want to go in for me???? hahahaha. shit. i hate the holidays! well, i'll be in hell until 1am. pray for all the idiots to go down the street to barnes and noble for me, please?
1:50 pm
just out of curiousity, what does everyone's press pass look like? my friend's store won't let them decorate their name tags which is super lame.
i have pink on one side and christina aguliera on the other. haha. we have this thing we have to have on one side of our bagde that says what the best seller of each catagory from the week before was. so that covers christina's body but you can see still her head and the boombox she's holding on her shoulder. then the strap has a button that says 'i ♥ corey' with a pic of corey feldman.
1:09 am
I got hired last month to work at Borders as seasonal help. Until this week, I've been getting schedules with one or two 4 hour shifts. Today I got called in to cover for someone who was sick, which added another whopping six hours to my total.

I'm wondering though...I looked on the schedule. It's a week before Christmas and they only have ONE (oh how I wish I knew how to make that bold but I'm much too tired to figure it out) cashier working, except for two hours between 7:00 and 9:00. Is this normal even for a store that isn't doing great?

It was ridiculous. The cashier who came in at 7:00 had to park several blocks away because our lot was full. I was there until 9:00 and he was the only cashier when I left. Then I go to look for the service manager who is working in the cafe, and there are two people working in there. What the hell?

Oh and while I'm at it, I love love love the icon!

Current Mood: cranky
Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
8:40 pm
Tis the season to be an asshole
So our store 391, is horribly understaffed, and we haven't been given the hours to hire anyone else because the rest of our district needs some work. And I'm sickeningly nice to most customers, because I want them happy. But tonight jackass went almost beyond my capabilities.

I'm walking up to the information desk after helping a customer, we have a line at the registers running halfway up the store, and a manager is on the phone at the info desk helping another customer, while faced by a line of other customers. I see one standing off to the side and behind the manager, so to be nice I approach him first.

Me: Hi, can I help you find something today?

Customer: Yes, I'm a paying customer who's been standing here being ignored, and I demand service.

Me: I'm sorry sir, we have only three people running the store right now, and we're trying to help everyone.

Customer (soon be be known as Jackass): I don't want to hear that.

Smile now gone from my face. Me: Okay then, what can I help you with today?

Jackass who is holding a DVD: I want to know if I can buy this here, or if you only rent things.

Me: We only sell things here at Borders sir, we don't deal with used merchandise.

Jackass starts shaking DVD case: Well why don't I hear anything ratteling around inside then? There should be noise when I shake it.

Me, who quickly takes case from his hands: No sir, you should not. If it is locked in place like it should be, there should be no movement. If there is, and you shake it like that, it means that the DVD is loose in the case, and you are most likely scratching the surface and ruining the movie.

Jackass: Well I don't believe you. You need to open this for me right now.

Me: I'm afraid I can't open that for you, until you buy it. Once opened it is considered used merchdise (I know I kind of fudged the rules here, but he was an ass monkey), which I have explained to you that we don't deal with.

Jackass: I want you to open this for me right now, or I'll talk to your manager and get you fired.

Me, who hands the DVD back to him: Sir you are more than welcome to get my manage. She's the one who you say ignored you. She'll tell you the same thing. I won't open that for you until you buy it, and then if bought, I won't accept a return on used merchandise unless defective. Which if defective from you scratching the movie by shaking the case, we won't take your return. Now what would you like?

At this he stormed away. Although I really wanted to say to him. "Look buddy, me and my friends swing real swords at each other for fun, are you really sure you want to fuck with me today." Some people are just assholes. Hope your holidays are better.

Current Mood: irate
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
1:14 pm
Ex-Borders Employee
I just wish I would have found this community when I was actually working at Borders. Drats. But I wanted to know if I could still join, because I did work at Borders for two years which has been my longest job so far and I so can relate to all of the posts that I have read today. I've only been gone about 2 months, but when people ask me where I work sometimes I still answer Borders and I still refer to my friends that still work there was my co-workers. I wonder how long it will be before I break both of those habits.

My name is Shannon and I worked for Borders of Augusta, store 295. I was a cashier for my first 9 months, then I was "promoted" to working/CLEANING in the Children's section.

When I worked at Borders, we had many MANY customers that were OBSESSED with the damn store and came in everyday. I really hate people like that because all the ones that we had never BOUGHT anything. The one I remember most was this guy we called Porno History Guy. We called him that because he was a BIG pervert, was always staring at all of the females' chests, looked at all the nude photography books, and he ALWAYS hung out in the history section making a big ol' mess. Whenever I go in there now and see him I get excited by the fact that I don't have to help him anymore and I can pretty much be rude to him if he crosses the line with me.

I think I had a GM from hell. We were #1 in the company for 2001, I believe, and she is all obsessed with it. Since we were #1 that year, our sales goals were really fucking high and almost unattainable. In order to meet those goals, she would pull all kinds of sales out of her ass all the time. We had a Military Discount weekend about once every 2 months, and if it was close to a holiday we would have it about 2 times in one month. Augusta is located right near any army base. Bleck.

For people with piercings and tattoos, how do your GMs feel about those? Mine was a total bitch about my facial piercings, and expressed to me a lot about how she did not like them. Whenever I take a job I always read the employee handbook from front to back and not once in there did I see anything about piercings or tattoos. My GM tried to make me take them out, but I refused since I was hired with them and the manager that hired me did not say one thing about them.

Current Mood: awake
12:21 am

today i stopped in to pick up my paycheck and double check my christmas schedule, and i ran into the mother of a very close friend. she was buying the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD for said friend. a bit louder than i should have, i said "you know, you can get that for drastically less at Target". the words were out of my mouth before i even realized.

and then my GM, from right behind me, said, "i thought i heard your voice".

shit. shitshitshit.

Current Mood: embarrassed
Saturday, December 13th, 2003
9:21 pm
ah...Westchester County New York....
I work in the music section at White Plains, store 0051, so I usually don't have to deal with the registers or any kind of bookstore garbage, but I was RBU today and this is what happened...

Since this rich, well to do, her shit don't stink, woman's hold didn't include one of the books she desired (among other complaints she has), she felt the need to inform me that "whoever does the holds here should be shot."
That's right fellow employees, "should be shot."
So, I guess be wary of how you process holds, otherwise you obviously deserve to die, according to this woman.


Sunday, December 7th, 2003
6:40 pm
this is 100% real!!! i know that's it's also 100% completely unbeleivable. but seriously, it happened!!!!

so i got a phone call

guy: yeah, i'm looking for an ablum by the band ____________ called ___________. do you have it either on cd or cassette?
me: well, we won't have it on cassette. but let me check about the cd.
guy: why wouldn't you have it on cassette?
me: because we don't carry cassettes anymore
guy: (in completely shock) Why Not!?!
me: because cassettes are obsolete
guy: no they're not. i use them.
me: well, nobody else does, atleast not enough people to make it worth it to carry them.
guy: ok, than the cd will be fine. i'll just put it on cassette myself when i get the cd.
me: ok, well, we dont have the cd in the store, but i can order it for you.
guy: ok, go head and order it for me

so at this point i go through getting his information for the order. and than i get this:

guy: (IN ALL SERIOUSNESS) ok, can you get it in an hour and half?
me: *LAUGHING* oh no, that's not possible. (i laughed cause i was sure he was just kidding around)
guy: why?
me: (having realized that he's not kidding, i'm now in shock) because sir, right now we don't even know where to get it from. tomorrow our special order clerk will have to call around and find it. and than after that it'll have to be packed up and shipped out. how long it takes to pack it up is completely up to who ever we get it from, it could take a couple days or it could take a couple weeks. and than the shipping will take atleast a couple days, but probably longer since it's the holiday season.

at this point we ended the conversation. i then ran around telling EVERYONE about it. i just could not beleive it.
Friday, November 28th, 2003
9:51 am
So I could of sworn that last year it took me over two hours to get to work the day after Thanksgiving. I'm sure that the roads were just that busy. So I get up an extra hour early to head into work and extra hour early. But are there problems??? No, I say, in fact it took me less time to get here than normal. What's up with this? Now I have over an hour to wait around before I can clock in.

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, November 24th, 2003
5:03 pm
so every year around this time i get the same question from co-workers and customers (mainly regular customers) "are you going to dye your hair red and green for the holidays" and i never have.

well, last night i did. i also cut my hair. it was getting REALLY saggy.

i have a mohawk, so dyed the hawk red and the side fuzz green. i'll post pictures if i can get to a camara anytime soon.

so, who's ready for BLACK FRIDAY!! i am...cause i don't have to work!
Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
2:00 am
i know this has nothing to do with our love of working at *Borders*, but i thought all of you *Borders-slaves* might appreciate some pix of my re-worked tats!! enjoy!! ~:-]

FINALLY some pix of my new & improved tatsCollapse )

x-posted to: mcpuggington, birls,francesca_lia, get_up_dread_up & slinkstercool

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
3:57 am
there was something in the stars/air tonight that made the customers irritatingly rude/annoying.. examples:

* a guy gets in front of 4 other people waiting in line by coming in at the wrong end of the line.. i politely tell him that they other people were waiting & the line starts down there.. i *think* "there is an obvious sign that states this in black & white" & as the other customers in line spit evil glares at him.. he throws his HUGE BIG FAT computer book on the register counter next to me & walks off huffing about "if this is the way you are going to run your business, then i am going to leave"?! WTF?! just read the sign buddy & the housewives w/ 2.5 kids won't mow you down with their perfected "i am from Boca Raton, FL" evil eye look!!

* i am saying good-bye to a fellow employee & giving her a HUGE *hug* for all the shit she had to endure today with the customers.. i could see it in her eyes that she had a tough day & from the time i walked in her flame was burning dimly from all the crap she had to deal with customer-wise today (and it takes a lot to have things get to her)!! well anyways i am *hugging* her good-bye & discussing when we shall work together next & this couple comes up to the service desk & the lady pounds the counter with her fist saying, "can we get some help here?!".. i tell her that "i'll be with you in just one minute once i am have said good-bye to my fellow employee that is leaving for the night".. she huffs impatiently & asks, "is there anyone that can help me?" & i tell her that, "ma'am i'll be with you in just one minute, okay?".. by that time my fellow employee is walking out of the store, rolling her eyes & motioning that this is exactly the type of rude, pushiness that she had to deal with all day.. i pleasantly help the couple find everything on their annoying list which their son who lives over-seas in Switzerland, sent to them.. they are not to find that one of the books is a HUGE MASSIVE thing & i shrug and state that, "at least it isn't a hardcover edition!"

cheers to all of y'all working this holiday season & holiday well-wishes to you & your loved ones!!

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, November 16th, 2003
10:27 pm
Am I the only one whose noticed that with the new "Borders Recomended" accessable through the Web Portal, that we can now look up hard core porn?

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, November 13th, 2003
6:50 am
the nite at work was rather eh.. not good or bad just there & thus eh.. my fellow scallywag Tom called out sick & then i ended up staying until 2am to help my manager with some much needed moving book-shelves around & such.. customers were rather annoying today, for i got a argumentative 'i am bored lawyer & it is my day off' sorta guy -and- then this random guy who started off our conversation by asking, "i don't want you to take offense, but can i ask you a question?".. i mean come on!! as soon as someone pulls a line like that outta their ass, then i am already super-defensive with my knives drawn & my teeth bared.. our conversation went as follows:

H & manager are talking about random boring book shelve placings when aforementioned customer walks up & looks eagerly in their direction

manager: "may i help you sir?"

blarg customer: "i'd like to talk to her" points at H

H: "how can i help you sir?"

blarg customer: "i don't want you to take offense, but can i ask you a question?"

H: "okay? i won't take offense depending on what kind of question you ask me!"

manager: looks on with interest at the scene that is unfolding before him

blarg customer: "i have talked to you many times before & you seem to be a reasonably intelligent person, also rather attractive & i have seen that you have had many different piercings through your eyebrow & tongue, so why do you do that to yourself?!" points at H's vertical labret piercing

H: *chuckles to hirself & takes a closer look at the customer, comes to the decision that ze has never seen him before in hir life* "well sir i must tell you that i have never had a eyebrow or tongue piercing, because i don't find either attractive & as for why i do this to myself, well i do it because i enjoy it!!"

blarg customer: stares back expecting more of an argument and/or detailed explantation of maybe a spiritual, satanitc or BDSM-related meaning to the terrible piece of metal through H's lip

H: stares back with a sly grin across hir mutilated & vertically pierced lips

blarg customer: loses staring contest & walks away

H: "have a nice night sir!!"

manager: "what the hell was that all about?!"

H: "i have NO idea & welcome to my life"

H & manager go back to talking about random boring shelf placements

~*EL FIN*~

*teehee* entertaining eh?

Current Mood: amused
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