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the nite at work was rather eh.. not good or bad just there & thus eh.. my fellow scallywag Tom called out sick & then i ended up staying until 2am to help my manager with some much needed moving book-shelves around & such.. customers were rather annoying today, for i got a argumentative 'i am bored lawyer & it is my day off' sorta guy -and- then this random guy who started off our conversation by asking, "i don't want you to take offense, but can i ask you a question?".. i mean come on!! as soon as someone pulls a line like that outta their ass, then i am already super-defensive with my knives drawn & my teeth bared.. our conversation went as follows:

H & manager are talking about random boring book shelve placings when aforementioned customer walks up & looks eagerly in their direction

manager: "may i help you sir?"

blarg customer: "i'd like to talk to her" points at H

H: "how can i help you sir?"

blarg customer: "i don't want you to take offense, but can i ask you a question?"

H: "okay? i won't take offense depending on what kind of question you ask me!"

manager: looks on with interest at the scene that is unfolding before him

blarg customer: "i have talked to you many times before & you seem to be a reasonably intelligent person, also rather attractive & i have seen that you have had many different piercings through your eyebrow & tongue, so why do you do that to yourself?!" points at H's vertical labret piercing

H: *chuckles to hirself & takes a closer look at the customer, comes to the decision that ze has never seen him before in hir life* "well sir i must tell you that i have never had a eyebrow or tongue piercing, because i don't find either attractive & as for why i do this to myself, well i do it because i enjoy it!!"

blarg customer: stares back expecting more of an argument and/or detailed explantation of maybe a spiritual, satanitc or BDSM-related meaning to the terrible piece of metal through H's lip

H: stares back with a sly grin across hir mutilated & vertically pierced lips

blarg customer: loses staring contest & walks away

H: "have a nice night sir!!"

manager: "what the hell was that all about?!"

H: "i have NO idea & welcome to my life"

H & manager go back to talking about random boring shelf placements

~*EL FIN*~

*teehee* entertaining eh?
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