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Tis the season to be an asshole

So our store 391, is horribly understaffed, and we haven't been given the hours to hire anyone else because the rest of our district needs some work. And I'm sickeningly nice to most customers, because I want them happy. But tonight jackass went almost beyond my capabilities.

I'm walking up to the information desk after helping a customer, we have a line at the registers running halfway up the store, and a manager is on the phone at the info desk helping another customer, while faced by a line of other customers. I see one standing off to the side and behind the manager, so to be nice I approach him first.

Me: Hi, can I help you find something today?

Customer: Yes, I'm a paying customer who's been standing here being ignored, and I demand service.

Me: I'm sorry sir, we have only three people running the store right now, and we're trying to help everyone.

Customer (soon be be known as Jackass): I don't want to hear that.

Smile now gone from my face. Me: Okay then, what can I help you with today?

Jackass who is holding a DVD: I want to know if I can buy this here, or if you only rent things.

Me: We only sell things here at Borders sir, we don't deal with used merchandise.

Jackass starts shaking DVD case: Well why don't I hear anything ratteling around inside then? There should be noise when I shake it.

Me, who quickly takes case from his hands: No sir, you should not. If it is locked in place like it should be, there should be no movement. If there is, and you shake it like that, it means that the DVD is loose in the case, and you are most likely scratching the surface and ruining the movie.

Jackass: Well I don't believe you. You need to open this for me right now.

Me: I'm afraid I can't open that for you, until you buy it. Once opened it is considered used merchdise (I know I kind of fudged the rules here, but he was an ass monkey), which I have explained to you that we don't deal with.

Jackass: I want you to open this for me right now, or I'll talk to your manager and get you fired.

Me, who hands the DVD back to him: Sir you are more than welcome to get my manage. She's the one who you say ignored you. She'll tell you the same thing. I won't open that for you until you buy it, and then if bought, I won't accept a return on used merchandise unless defective. Which if defective from you scratching the movie by shaking the case, we won't take your return. Now what would you like?

At this he stormed away. Although I really wanted to say to him. "Look buddy, me and my friends swing real swords at each other for fun, are you really sure you want to fuck with me today." Some people are just assholes. Hope your holidays are better.
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