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Chocolate Café Freeze Versus Mocha Freeze

Favorite conversation of the night:

 CUSOTMER: I'll have a Mocha Freeze.
ME: Sure you don't want to try a Chocolate Café freeze? It's much better.
CUSTOMER (Flirting):  And if I don't like the Chocolate Freeze?
ME: Then you can throw it back at me, and I'll make you another drink.

Later, after trying the drink, the man returns to the counter.

CUSTOMER: I just wanted to say that this drink is as tastey as you are pretty.
 ME (Smiling): I'll get you another drink.
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and... same customer at the registers:

i really love the diversity of this place. the girl in the cafe was really nice to me and you're really mean to me. it's awesome.

Deleted comment

oh, this guy was kidding around. i was being mean to him but it was in a totally playful, fun kind of way. we were really slow and he was the only one up there and i spent like 10 minutes talking to the guy. he was loving it.
I'm still pretty confused by people preferring the Mocha Freeze over the Chocolate Cafe Freeze. Is it instant coffee in the mocha freeze? It tastes entirely fake.

Have you ever tried making a cherry & coconut cafe freeze? Some customer created that one, and it's delish.

I am getting ready to go to work.. at the café.. and I have NO idea why I'm suddenly intrigued by Borders communities. No clue.

(I'm secretly really excited about it ;) )