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slave4borders's Journal

Border's Employee's
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so...here we all are. we all work for Borders. we all slave away for stupid customers that say stuff like "yeah, i saw a book in here a couple months ago, and i know it was blue and had the word "river" in the title of it". we're surrounded by idiots. we babysit people's kids for them while they take 50 interior decorating books off of the shelf and leave them in the cafe. we all know what it's like to say "i'm sorry, but you have to be 18 to look at that" to the 12 year old with a playboy in his hand. we all know what it's like to completely reorganize erotica just to have it be completley FUCKED up with in 4 hours. we all know where to look if a book is in section N080. we all occastionally awnser our home phone with "Thanks for calling borders in ______. this is ______. how can i help you?". we've all asked "do you recieve our online news letter?" so many times that sometimes we feel we'll go on a mass shooting spree if we ever have to say it again. it's not uncommon for us to ask a customer more than once if they "need a bag". we cringe when someone walks up to the music desk with a cd in their hand cause we know that the next thing they're going to say is "can i listen to this?". we all know what it's like to want to spit in that latte. and lastly...we're most likely gay.

this is a place for us all to bitch about all of those things. over and over and over and over.

hi, my name is Rachael. i work at Borders 108 in Norman, Oklahoma. i love my job...i really really do. i love the people i work with. but you know what? I HATE IT at the same time. i found that there are lots of border's employee's on livejournal. and while i pray that none of the other people at my store ever find this community...i hope anyone and everyone from everyother store finds it and we can all bitch together. i tend to use my personal journal to bitch about work and what stupid this a customer did that pissed me off. but i figured that this might be a little bit more productive, since you all know what i'm talking about while my freinds just go "what are complaining about, you work at a book store...how cool is that?"...if only they knew the horror that we know. so please, feel free to join and to post.

oh yeah, i almost forgot....the only reason why this community exist is because xerofilter (my dear good friend that doesn't work for borders) blah blah blah..."extreme almost psychopathic love for Borders" blah blah blah "stalks all of the employees he ever crosses paths with" blah blah blah "if you join he will stalk you to" blah blah blah "be scared" blah blah blah "he suplied the code" blah blah blah..."woo hoo for jeff...the border's stalker" blah....blah....blah....

if you want me to add anything to the interests just email me.

this community is now freinds only AND it's closed. if you would like to be added to the community, please email me with some info about yourself, you're relation to Borders and a link to your livejournal AND then request to join throught the link at the top of the page.

A) DO NOT COMMENT IN MY JOURNAL!!!!! DO NOT IM ME ON AIM!!!!! DO NOT DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN EMAIL ME WITH THE EXACT INFORMATION THAT I ASK FOR LISTED IN ON THE INFO PAGE!! if you do anything other than that, i'm most likely just going to respond with "EMAIL THIS TO ME!" and leave it at that.

B) Just requesting isn't going to get you in. you MUST EMAIL ME AS WELL!! if i find that someone has requested to join without emailing me, i'll wait a day. if i still haven't got an email, i'm going to deny the person. i'm not going to go to your journal and say "hey, you requested to join but didn't email me, will you please do that?" nope, not gonna happen. i don't have time for that. you have to prove to me that you CAN READ before i'll add you.